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Success at Work

Engage, grow and empower your people with Dailygreatness Success at Work™.

While other programs 'measure' performance and engagement, Success at Work is a practical action plan that improves it

Success at Work™ infuses positive psychology, values and goals, training and development, workplace wellness, and performance reviews into an inspiring yearly action plan and coaching program that you and your team will love.

In a digital world, we’re a revolutionary idea

Research shows that handwriting activates parts of the brain similar to meditation and is more effective for creative and solution-focused thinking and memory retention while giving people much needed ‘time-out’ from digital devices. When it comes to planning, strategising and creating goals, writing them down on paper in your handwriting is powerful.

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of participants reported an improvement in their mindset, performance or productivity at


of participants felt Success
At Work was a helpful tool to
improve results
at work.


better retention rate than other productivity and wellbeing apps.


of managers said Success at Work was ‘more effective’ than other programs offered at their workplace.

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it's 'lifechanging'

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