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"Our mission is to inspire you to "be your own guru", empower you to consciously create your days, help you reach your potential and support you in realising you are the architect of your destiny."


Hello! I'm Lyndelle Palmer Clarke creator and author of the Dailygreatness series & recovering self-help junkie who's read all the books, been to all the seminars, listened to all the DVD's and followed all the gurus only to realise (after hitting a major crisis in my life) that something was seriously missing from the picture -- applied knowledge. I've made it my life mission to empower you to apply all those self-help ideas into your life in a fun, practical and dynamic way so you can start seeing results. No more wishful thinking, no more reaching for the next self-help book, just a commitment to being your own guru, following your inspiration and living the life of your dreams. Sign up to our newsletter and join our 30 Day Guru Challenge and check out our new 12-week online holistic training program for women designed to accompany our popular Dailygreatness Training at RockingFit.com

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