About the Author & Founder:

Publisher, author and recovering self-help junkie, Lyndelle Palmer Clarke, began her career as a singer, songwriter, actress and TV presenter. At age 18 she was the lead singer and manager of her band in her home country of Australia. At 21 she signed to a major record label, and in 2006 was a semi-finalist on Australian Idol. Lyndelle has also featured in numerous TV commercials, TV series and films. After moving to London to further pursue her career in music Lyndelle had, what some would call, a breakdown but she prefers to call, a "break-through" which became her catalyst for leaving the entertainment industry. As a dedicated student of personal growth for more than a decade, Lyndelle was growing disillusioned with the self-improvement industry as it became clear that her life was not reflecting the knowledge she'd gathered from all the self-help books, seminars and gurus she'd followed and realised something crucial was missing from the picture - applied knowledge. It became her mission to bridge the gap between knowledge and action and is now the author of the Dailygreatness Journal series, four guided journals in the area of health and wellness, business and entrepreneurship, yoga and personal development that assisting people to create their life vision, take action on their goals and apply to their lives what they already know in a practical, fun and dynamic way. With consistent 5-star reviews from people all over the world, features in major women's health publications, newspapers and blogs, and on the shelves of the best yoga studios, gyms, spas and bookstores globally, Lyndelle has grown her business from a small idea sketched out on her kitchen table 5 years ago to a 7-figure purposeful publishing business using the exact strategies and mindset outlined in her series of journals. Lyndelle currently lives between Sweden and Australia with her husband and son and is passionate about sharing her message of personal transformation, wellness, living authentically, and being your own guru. Find Lyndelle coaching and mentoring women to health and wellness over at her 12-week holistic program - Rocking Fit