Maya Nestorov

Maya the "health and happiness spreader" is best known for her blog "Unbeatable Health" where she shares her best tools for an active, balanced and healthy lifestyle inspiring people all from over the world. With a passion for health, fitness and wellbeing, Maya's greatest wish has always been to live a healthy life filled love, health, exercise and mindfulness in her daily life. With extensive experience in coaching people, having undergone several management training courses, Maya has also developed and broadened her knowledge in both diet and nutrition as well as physical and mental training.

From a young age, Maya was trained in dance, but in recent years has developed an interest and expertise in all forms of movement from pole dancing and yoga to running, strength training and cross fit.

In addition to training her body, Maya, also has a passion for healthy eating and dreaming up creative and organic dishes which she shares on her blog. Maya's main motivation is helping others achieve better wellbeing; inspiring as many people as possible to live a healthy life and contributing to a more healthy and conscious world. That's why she makes the perfect ambassador for the Dailygreatness brand.

Why I love the dailygreatness Training Journal: This is a fantastic tool that motivates me before every workout both mentally and physically. Week after week I can see my progress and becoming conscious of my thoughts, challenges and strengths both before and after each workout is incredibly motivating. The Dailygreatness Training Journal helps me create a good foundation for myself and my workouts; establishing good routines which inspires me to continue with my active lifestyle.

Maya's life philosophy: Positivity, love, exercise, yoga, nutritious food and good sleep.

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

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A personal message from Maya: 

Happiness, joy and success all lie in your own hands. 
I believe that, by actively working towards your dreams and believing in yourself --anything is possible. 
In order to achieve a fit, harmonious and happy life, you need to spend as much time focusing on mental training (such as gratitude, affirmations and visualisation) as your physical training and of course don't forget your nutrition.

Our days are our life in miniature form, so what you do today actually forms your future. The words you say, the thoughts you think, the workout you perform, the food you eat, and all the choices you make ultimately determine who you as a human being and what your life represents. 

Therefore you should live a life doing what you're truly passionate about and what makes you feel great. Everyone deserves to live an awesome and happy life and to become the best person you can be!