The Difference Between Goals and Possibilities (And Why You Need Both)

The Difference Between Goals and Possibilities (And Why You Need Both)

Are you leaving yourself enough space for possibility? Find out to shift your perspective and become a catalyst for your own positive outcomes.

Possibility thinking leaves room for the creative forces of life to intervene and bring you that which you want... but in a way that’s perfect for you.

Do you ever find yourself struggling to continuously tap into your inner inspiration? What motivated you yesterday seems to be making zero impact on how you feel today. Maybe your goals feel too rigid with too much pressure that they no longer compel you to take action. But you need something powerful and reliable to push you into a peak state of inspiration and action every day.

What if you switched from creating goals… to creating possibilities?  

We often get so caught in being ‘adults’ that we stop playing and we forget that life is an adventure full of possibilities.

What if you shifted from a perspective of excuses to a perspective of possibilities, simply by asking yourself on a daily basis: What if? ....

Or maybe you start answering the question… I’m open to the possibility of…

Goals Vs. Possibilities: A Shift in Perspective

The difference between goals and possibilities has a subtle but important distinction:

  • A goal has a definitive outcome you want to achieve. It typically has a deadline and therefore some pressure behind it.
  • A possibility is a vaguer idea with less clear attributes and no deadline. It’s a feeling of what you’d like to achieve with little to no pressure behind it.

For example, you might have a relationship goal to meet your perfect partner, so you create the list of prerequisites: a wealthy man or woman with a college degree, brown hair and a fit and tanned body and lives in California. While there’s nothing wrong with a descriptive goal, its rigidity leaves no space for you to fill with someone who’s actually perfect for you.

A possibility, on the other hand, would be much more open:

You’d love to meet a successful man or woman who is intelligent and worldly and prioritizes their health and wellness and loves to travel. This sentiment is more about feeling and intention, leaving space for the possibility of life bringing you someone who’s right for you.

Possibility thinking leaves room for the creative forces of life to intervene and bring you that which you want... but in a way that’s perfect for you.

Sometimes, a goal is exactly what’s required to build momentum and create results. However, unlike a goal, which can involve some stress and pressure and usually has an action plan attached to it, possibility thinking has no stress, no definitive outcome, no plan. It’s simply resting your attention on a possible outcome that you’d like to create.

Nature abhors a vacuum. Which means, whatever you devote your attention to will expand to fill the void of that particular possibility. When you make room for a new possibility, that space naturally needs to be filled.

Possibility means we can make something possible. This kind of thinking takes the pressure out of the creation and allows you to simply play. The longer you linger in that playful energy (where you feel good), the faster you attract the people, ideas and resources that can make your possibility a reality.

Pretty soon, you’ll notice how things turning up to fill that newfound space. It could be a perfect partner, a mentor or coach to help you execute the plan, an awesome idea that pops into your head in the shower, or the ideal client for your business Unless you create space for this potential possibility, it will never meet you on your path.

As you open yourself up to the more that life brings you, your problems and challenges don’t always go away but your ability to handle those challenges grows.

Which excuses are you using to block your possibilities? What is your inner dialogue saying?

  • I’m too old
  • I’m not motivated
  • That will never work
  • I have no time
  • I’ve tried it before and it didn’t work

When it comes to creating new possibilities, it’s important to aware of some of the negative attitudes and the way we close ourselves off from new and wonderful experiences entering our life. Some of the ways people typically block their path to possibilities is:

  • They believe it’s not possible so they never try.
  • They apply way too much pressure, distorting the process and sabotaging the outcome.
  • They give up way too soon! Many people ditch the process and the vision before waiting long enough to witness the proof of their progress (odds are, it’s just around the corner!).

So how do we create space for a new possibility?

Each and every time we express gratitude or set an intention for being, we open up a new possibility in our life. We play with potential.

A big part of the Dailygreatness concept  is a continuous connection to the realm of possibility through simple daily practices and inward attention by:

  • Being grateful
  • Creative Visualisation
  • Setting intentions
  • Noticing patterns
  • Being present

The bigger the possibility, the longer it can take to actualize, so it tends to happen in phases.

In phase one, you play with possibility by thinking, dreaming and imagining. You’re trying on new experiences in your mind to decide what you’d love to create.  and test your powers to create.

In phase two you put yourself out there in an open way to allow for the possibility to find you. It’s an exciting time during which a cascade of opportunities can enter your life. This phase builds your confidence and demonstrates your ability to bring into your life new possibilities and options.

Finally, in phase three with all the opportunities open to you, you now get to choose what you will act on.

When you live within the mindset of possibilities, you live a life that feels good, invokes a higher good, has a magical and effortless flow, and leaves you feeling fulfilled, content and happy.

And just like that, instead of shutting down your life experience, you start making space for it. That’s exactly when the most exciting changes might just float in.



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