[QUIZ] 20 Mindset Shifts That Will Change Your Life

[QUIZ] 20 Mindset Shifts That Will Change Your Life

Want to know where you are on your personal growth journey? Take our mindset quiz and find out. 

Take our mindset quiz to see where you are on your personal growth journey.

“Change your thoughts; change your life.” A true statement and one you’ve no doubt heard before.

While you may believe it in theory, the bigger question is, “Do you practice it?”

Perhaps you read self-help books and listen to all the latest self-improvement podcasts, but are you implementing this knowledge to create change on a deeper level?

Upgrading your life requires a fundamental shift in your mindset – that’s what really moves the needle forward.

To increase your mind’s flexibility and reveal your current thought patterns – the ones that are keeping you stuck – you need to recognise the old patterns and replace them with new ways of thinking and being.

Easy? No. These mental ruts took a long time to form and aren’t likely to be replaced overnight.

But as all those on a personal growth journey come to know, it’s well worth the effort and absolutely possible.

So how do you know when your mindset has changed successfully? After all, the results aren’t always as tangible as losing weight or driving a new car off the lot. With that said, there are some simple methods to test your growth.

The first way to know if you’re making progress with your personal growth is to check whether your circumstances and environment have changed. Take a look at your life – it’s the perfect reflection of where your current mindset is. Are you less reactive to criticism? Have new opportunities presented themselves to you? Perhaps a new mentor or positive relationship has entered your life. Or maybe you’re just not feeling as overwhelmed by stress as you once were. These are all signs of progress. Well done!

The second way is to test yourself against the traits of a successful and healthy mindset, so we’ve created a comprehensive list of 20 essential mindset shifts and changes, divided into two levels, to help highlight where you are on your growth journey.

This is not meant to be black and white; however, it can be helpful to see which side of the spectrum you are erring on to determine where you are with your personal growth.

Remember, there’s no judgment here, it’s simply about bringing awareness to where you currently are and the work you might still like to do. Also, it’s very common to be at a different place in different areas of life, so you might like to test yourself with these different vantage points in mind, such as work or family, relationships, money and health.

Ok, let’s start…

Level One:

In work or life, do you typically:

A: See yourself as responsible for your life?

B: Feel like a victim of life?


A: Understand the mind/body connection and take care of both?

B: Feel disconnected from your body and practice little self-care?


A: Create healthy boundaries and honour personal power?

B: Give away your power to others too easily?


A: See failure as universal feedback and a stepping-stone to success?

B: Take failures personally and give up?


A: Make choices based on what you want?

B: Make decisions based on circumstances?


A: Feel ready to work for your results, and grateful for help from others?

B: Feel entitled, with constant demands and expectations of others?


A: Feel trustful of the process and open to exploring new opportunities?

B: Always suspicious and skeptical and often miss opportunities?


A: Look within, take responsibility, and start by working on yourself first?

B: Always look to blame others for your issues?


A: Respect and admire successful people and see them as a reflection of your success?

B: Find yourself jealous and resentful of successful people?


A: Regulate your emotions and act with restraint and wisdom?

B: Allow your emotions and drama to rule your life?


Level Two:

In work or life, do you typically:


A: Pave your own path; even it means being ostracized?

B: Follow society norms and groupthink?


A: Know that problems never go away but your ability to deal with them improves?

B: Think that when you “make it” all of your problems will go away?


A: Live a focused and purpose-filled life?

B: Live an unfocused life, distracted and in fear?


A: Believe there is always enough, and abundance is unlimited?

B: Believe there is never enough and live in fear of losing what little you have?


A: Think big and embrace risk?

B: Think small and avoid risk?


A: Know that money is a vehicle to a happy life but not the answer?

B: Believe money is the source of life‘s happiness?


A: Know who you are and regularly take time to connect to your inner power?

B: Disbelieve in your inner power and, therefore, never use it?


A: Believe that your life is continually growing and evolving?

B: Believe that your life is stagnant?


A: See chaos as full of possibility and natural change?

B: See chaos as frightening and negative?


A: When problems arise, see opportunities?

B: When problems arise, see obstacles?


So, how did you do? Are you working at Level One or have you progressed to Level Two thinking? If you answered mostly ‘A’ in Level One, try Level Two. If you’re like most people, there are likely many areas you’re still working on. The first step to change is always awareness.

Take note of the patterns as they play out in your life, write them down in your journal, and begin to replace the old with the new to create new perspectives that serve your evolving mindset. Then watch as your world slowly transforms into being more aligned with who you truly are.

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