How to Spend The Last 20 Minutes Of Your Day

How to Spend The Last 20 Minutes Of Your Day

Self-knowledge is a crucial for making lasting and authentic change. Learn how to spend the last 20 minutes of your day to fast-track your growth and make lasting changes in your life. 

Simply put, you can’t change what you don’t know, which is why becoming aware of our blind spots is crucial if we want to grow.

Everybody has a blind spot or two, whether its avoiding conflict, overcommitting, being impatient or something else. A blind spot is something you cant see about yourself; a subconscious obstacle or behaviour that could be standing in the way of you making progress and achieving your goals and desires.

Simply put, you cant change what you dont know, which is why becoming aware of our blind spots is crucial if we want to grow.

Asking quality questions brings into view what you may not realize you dont know and opens you up to new ways of thinking about your life and the choices youve made. Discovering your blind spots brings into your awareness any limiting beliefs and disempowering thought patterns you have, so you can finally see how theyve been holding you back.

Each night, before we go to bed, we have an amazing opportunity to debrief and evaluate our day, and through the practice of asking questions, we have the potential to uncover and expose our blind spots. These prompts help us to review our day and become more self-aware and conscious of our actions, thoughts, and behaviours.

Things such as where you live, what you do for work and what your hobbies and passions are, are just surface reflections of yourself and how you may appear to others. To dig deeper and really grow, you need to discover the why behind those things.

Understanding why you feel a specific way, why you respond or react the way you do or why you make certain choices can help you access the information you need to better understand yourself, to recreate your life and to choose different responses; ones that allow for new and better outcomes.

Self-knowledge is power and understanding why you do what you do is one of the most profound realisations you can have and an important step towards making lasting and authentic change.

The simple practice of reviewing your day and answering a few questions before bed will help to fast track your growth while helping you to see what is standing in your way so you can actively overcome any problem youre facing.

Spending 15 or 20 minutes before bed to contemplate and answer some quality questions is a great way to end your day. Over time, youll begin to notice how this simple yet profound practice not only clears your mind for a good nights sleep but also empowers you to make more conscious choices throughout your days, making it easier to achieve your goals and make progress with your personal growth.

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