Why Gratitude Works

Gratitude is a powerful emotion that opens you up to receive and enables you to be connected and in-flow with the world around you.

There are both intrinsic and extrinsic benefits of being grateful. Internally, when we deliberately focus on and feel deep gratitude for the things in our lives, as a result, our perceptions change and our senses are heightened. This heightened sense of awareness opens us up to seeing solutions and possibilities that we may not have otherwise thought about.

The extrinsic benefits of being grateful are more social based and can be seen when we show appreciation for the people around us. Appreciation is a natural attractor. When we appreciate others we attract more of what we are appreciating and it becomes a snowball effect.

Essentially, the feeling of gratitude shifts your focus from what you don’t want to what you do want. By focusing on things you're grateful for, those feelings of appreciation and gratitude put you in a state of receiving. When you become more open to receiving, you live in an openness that allows for your vision and goals to actualise much faster. As a result, you’ll likely experience dramatic and meaningful change in your life, such as: 

- The ability to receive more of what you desire
- Being happier and more connected to those around you
- Becoming more resourceful with a more optimistic view of life
- Feeling appreciated by others
- The ability to achieve your goals much faster and to sustain them

Allow your day to unfold from a space of gratitude by writing in your gratitude journal, all that you are grateful for each day. It may be as simple as the clothes you’re wearing, the warm sun on your skin or a friendship you treasure. Be grateful for the things that are still to come, like new possibilities, opportunities and connections. Remember - whatever you focus on, you will ultimately attract more of so start shifting your focus to gratitude and get ready to receive.




Lyndelle Palmer Clarke

Lyndelle Palmer Clarke is the founder of Dailygreatness, the author of the Dailygreatness Journals inspiring you to be your own guru and Rocking Fit a 12-week holistic training program designed especially for women.




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