The Power of a Morning Mindset Session

Routines and rituals are a great way to bust out of our old programs that pull us off track and instead they give us a foundation and structure to our days that help us achieve more and feel better. Whether you’re trying to establish an entirely new routine or your goal is to break some poor habits and replace them with better ones, it’s important to be deliberate in creating a productive morning routine if you want to see real results.

To make positive progress in our life and feel that we are growing and expanding our horizons, one of the quickest and most effective ways to achieve expansion is to upgrade our daily habits starting with a productive morning routine. When we improve the quality of our mornings, we improve the quality of our days, and so it’s not an exaggeration to say that there's no more important time of day than when we first wake up.

Your morning ritual sets the tone and mood for your entire day. Starting out by hitting the snooze button, rushing around and feeling stressed right from the start usually leads to a long, anxiety-filled and unproductive day. And without a positive morning routine, your day can easily turn out precisely how it started, unfocused, uninspired and unmotivated with everything becoming a potential distraction. But, with a focused, inspired and productive morning routine, you can set yourself up to have an equally focused, inspired and productive day.

Creating a morning ritual that makes you feel great means, you’ll be much more likely to make better choices throughout your day and help you overcome negative habits that sabotage your results. So, whether you’re dealing with a stressful situation, pressures at work, a busy family life, or something else, you’ll be able to lean on this basic foundation whenever you need to.

A positive, productive morning routine might look something like this:

6.00 am 30 minutes of meditation

6.30 am Write in your Gratitude Journal

6.45 am Set your intentions and review your goals for the day

7.00 am 30 minutes of Yoga (or some other high-intensity workout of your choice)

7.30 am Eat a low-fat, nutritious breakfast

7.45 am Drink a glass of lemon water or green tea

Of course, this is just one example. The way you start your day is ultimately a matter of your lifestyle and preference but, the fact is, actually having a healthy morning routine is more important than exactly what that routine is.

Bottom line, if you can create a successful morning ritual, you’ll naturally begin to see how you’re capable of being more, doing more and having more in every area of your life.

How are you spending your mornings? What are your morning habits and routines and do they support your goals?


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Lyndelle Palmer Clarke

Lyndelle Palmer Clarke is the founder of Dailygreatness, the author of the Dailygreatness Journals inspiring you to be your own guru and Rocking Fit a 12-week holistic training program designed especially for women.




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