6 Stress-Management Strategies for a Happier Life

Stress can be a major factor in our day-to-day lives, and while it can keep us motivated and productive, too much stress can be overwhelming leaving you with health issues, depression and an inability to cope with life. Recovering self-help junkie and author of the Dailygreatness Journal Series, Lyndelle Palmer Clarke, shares 6 Stress-Management Strategies for a Happier Life.

1. Acknowledge your triggers

Awareness is the first step to change. You need to first know what triggers stress for you before you can take steps to change it. Acknowledging those triggers is how you begin to manage and overcome stress so it doesn’t end up overwhelming you. If caffeine is a stress trigger, then limit your coffees to one a day or less. If certain people trigger stress in you, limit your exposure to them. If certain situations cause you to feel stressed, then you have two choices. Either learn to face those situations so they don’t feel overwhelmed by them or limit your exposure to them.

2. Find the source

Sometimes it’s not obvious where your stress is coming from. It could be an outside situation that is obvious or a subtle recurring thought pattern that creates your stress. Either way, we need to get to the source so can proactively work to remove the stress point and find peace.

3. Remember to breathe

It might seem simple but when was the last time you stopped and took a big deep conscious breath? Sometimes that’s all it takes to reduce stress and instantly feel better.

4. Take a day off

Sometimes all we need is to relax, re-set and rejuvenate. Taking a day off to do nothing but rest can be all it takes to feel unburdened, energised and inspired again. It takes emotional intelligence to recognise when we need to rest, and it is the smartest thing you can do for yourself and those around you.

5. Build a foundation

Stress is usually not an overnight occurrence. It builds up over time due to not taking care of ourselves. Stress strikes when we don’t have a good foundation in place. My simple stress relieving check list includes daily exercise, drinking enough water, yoga or meditation, a good night sleep, a healthy diet and a positive mindset.

6. Keep a journal

Journalling brings the unconscious into the conscious and unconscious thinking patterns are very often the cause of stress. By putting those thoughts on paper you can begin to reveal the source of your stress and finally empower yourself to let go of whatever is holding you in that stress pattern.

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Lyndelle Palmer Clarke

Lyndelle Palmer Clarke is the founder of Dailygreatness, the author of the Dailygreatness Journals inspiring you to be your own guru and Rocking Fit a 12-week holistic training program designed especially for women.




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