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6 Stress-Management Strategies for a Happier Life

Stress can be a major factor in our day-to-day lives, and while it can keep us motivated and productive, too much stress can be overwhelming leaving you with health issues, depression and an inability to cope with life. Recovering self-help junkie and author of the Dailygreatness Journal Series, Lyndelle...

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6 Ways to Detox Your Life this Spring

Spring is the time of year when we naturally have that "out with the old, in with the new" kinda feeling but a spring detox can be so much more than decluttering your cupboards and closets. Spring is the season for dreaming and for those of you who are...

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When Positive Thinking Becomes Delusion

OK optimists, I know what you're thinking:
"WHAT......There's a downside to positive thinking? Isn’t that the most important thing!?"

I get it. I’ve written a series of journals based on the concept of focusing your attention on what is good but in the journals you'll also notice that...

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How To Silence Your Inner Critic For Good

Have you ever felt invincible one day only to wake up feeling like a complete failure the next? Ever started out confident with a new goal or creative project, only to notice the ol' negative voice stripping you of all confidence, banging on about how you can't do it,...

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Motivation: 7 Things Olympic Athletes Do To Stay Focused

If I had to take a wild guess, the #1 single trait that almost all people would wish for, is to be more motivated to chase their dreams. I'm sure you'd agree that there's no better example of awe inspiring motivation than the dedication of an Olympic athlete. Recently...

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Mastering Your Mindset -- The Essential Element for Success

It's amazing how fast you can change your brain’s patterns once you start to consistently feed your mind with new empowering messages.

I've almost finished the Dailygreatness Training Journal: 12 Weeks to a Rocking Fit Body & Mind for the second time round --...

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What's Your DMO?

Do you ever feel like time is speeding up and it’s near impossible to stay focused and productive throughout your day? What about distractions...are you easily pulled off track with menial and time sucking social media and other similar distractions?

Consciously creating the life of our dreams requires that...

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12 Reasons Why Hitting Rock Bottom Is The Best Thing That Can Ever Happen To You

The lower you fall, the higher you'll fly. ~ Chuck Palahniuk

About 4 years ago, I had flat-out hit rock bottom, emotionally, financially, mentally & spiritually. The crash was painful in every way and I finally had no choice but to...

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